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Attract is our tool for generating quick development appraisals. We are currently trialling a whitelabelled pilot of the software with a small group of developers and land promoters.

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Tract is building the platform for planning.

We believe that housing is the largest domestic political problem that the United Kingdom faces, and that the planning system is the biggest barrier to solving it.

Our software allows developers, land promoters, and planning consultants to reason about planning risk, develop applications, and work the plan through the planning process.

We do machine learning, geospatial data, carefully designed UIs, and a lot of things that don't scale.

We are going to build one million homes in the next ten years.


November 2023: We've launched a small beta version of Attract, a tool for generating development appraisals.

October 2023: Welcome Henry Dashwood, who is joining as a cofounder.

September 2023: We're pivoting! Lots of lessons learned in the last five months.

June 2023: Progress on the MVP is going well. We've built a data ingestion pipeline, and are working on digitising local plan data.

May 2023: Welcome David Milner, and another anonymous industry leader, to our advisory board

May 2023: Signed our first two design partners and began work on the MVP

April 2023: Welcome Arnaud Schenk, who is joining our advisory board.

April 2023: Tract is born.

Why are you doing this?

Britain today has a backlog of 4.3 million homes.[source] The average house price in London is £534,000[source], more than 12 times the median salary.[source] Housing is upstream of almost everything else in the economy.

It's a political problem, but that doesn't mean it necessarily needs a political solution. We believe that the housing crisis can be solved with better technology.

If you want to help, come help us build.


If you would like to help, or are interested in using our platform, send us an email, or speak to Jamie.